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As the youth of South Africa, we know just how important it is to exercise our freedom of expression as enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa. However, as this is a platform that serves to engage, exchange and interact for the purpose of inspiring and building one another – The Corporate Canvas has a strict no tolerance policy for hate speech, cyber bullying, negativity or any comments that are intended to offend or demean the readers of this platform. Disagree and debate, please by all means, but name-calling and abuse will not be tolerated, and may result in deletion of your comment.

Please be advised that the Owners of this platform reserve the right to remove any comments that transgress these rules. Should a reader feel offence in any way by an article or column written by any of our contributors, kindly email the Editor in the email address sited below.

Kindly note that most articles and columns writen are the opinions of the columnists and that all Finance pieces have been thoroughly researched. However, should you feel that any information given in these articles is incorrect or a misrepresentation of facts, kindly send an email to the Editor and we will endeavour to erase or correct the information in question.

We thank you for always taking the time to engage and comment on the platform and call you to please email all complaints, suggestions and corrections to:


The Corporate Canvas Team

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