Lucky Bread Company


Venue: Shop 289, Mezzanine Level, Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria

Trading Hours: Monday to Sunday 09.00 – 21.00

Best Feature: The Smoked Turkey sandwich (on sour dough bread), friendly waiters & home-made Ice Tea

From an early age, sandwiches form part of our staple diet. Their simplicity and ease in which they are prepared make them a pretty ordinary meal right? Not at Lucky Bread Company – they are absolute experts at crafting the perfect sandwich, presenting it in the most gorgeous fashion and leaving you with the happiest of hearts! The moment you walk past this stand-alone restaurant you are already taken by its bright yet rustic aesthetics.

Whether you choose to have a toastie for take-away, or sit and enjoy a meal from their delicious menu, along with their organic ice tea (and, oh hello, is that a double thick salted caramel milkshake I see?) you are bound to leave happy. Then again, how could a merger between two fine companies – TriBeCa Coffee and The Bread Gypsy – ever go wrong? And did we mention that they stock an array of single origin coffees from countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil?

The secret to their goodness is all in the details: They create and bake artisan breads in a wood fired oven, use stone ground flour and make absolutely no use of any preservatives. They are specialist in quality, and although receiving your sandwich may take a bit of time, it’s all about providing customers with the best service and the loveliest experience.

For more info call them on (012) 346 0979 or email them at [email protected]

Zimasa Qolohle

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