Warm & Glad Review


Venue: 357 Jan Smuts Avenue (corner St Alban’s Road), Craighall Park, Johannesburg
Trading hours: Monday to Friday 07.30 – 16.30; Saturdays 08.30 – 15.00; Public Holidays 08.30 – 12.30
Best feature: The coffee, aesthetics & relaxed atmosphere

Without a flicker of a doubt, the owner and creator of Warm & Glad Food and Wine Bar has got to be a perfectionist! How else do you explain the brilliant combination of flavourful coffee, a creative layout, wordly music, wifi, friendly waiters and a book store all in one loft space? Situated in Craighall Park, Warm & Glad is the perfect place for creatives to sit and enjoy healthy, delicious food in the company of like-minded people.

Add a library section consisting of a variety of books from cooking manuals, Vogue magazine and The Gentlewoman to publications on the legendary Nelson Mandela, and you get a love like no other. It is impossible not to have creativity oozing out of your ears! Whether you want a spot to spend the afternoon with a few of your friends, wish to bounce ideas off a few of your business partners or just want to enjoy lunch for one – Warm & Glad is definitely the place.
Warm & Glad
Warm and Glad is known for using only the best quality ingredients and proudly supports small businesses. Their chickens are free-range, their meat is grass-fed, hormone-free and steroid-free and their bread is 100% fresh (the bread used for all the toasties is purchased from a Mozambican baker who is based in Joburg and stays up all night baking. He then runs around the city in the mornings, delivering his loaves!).
warm&glad_02We’re not done – they also make their own granola by toasting organic rolled oats, nuts, seeds, apple juice and honey, which is served with fat-free yoghurt (see what we meant by perfectionists?). Their coffee is creamy, their vegetables organic – honestly, you don’t need any more convincing!

For more info, give them a ring on (011) 781 0455

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