Mistakes I Made In My Career An honest account from our Editor, Zimasa Mabuse.

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  1. Zimasa firstly you are doing so well for yourself. Its awesome where you are and all the strides you are making in life. I love podcasts (702 is awesome in doing that) because I can do whatever I need to do but still tune in to something note worthy

    In regards to your podcast yes please share more.

    One thing I have done in my career is worked in a few companies. Which I am so glad I did because it one fast tracked my career and secondly exposed me too so many different cultures and ways of doing same thing ie regulatory compliance. My last career move has been sooo challenging I didn’t realise how hot it gets the closer you get to the top but the experience is really moulding me which I am grateful for so I can stand the heat when its my kitchen. Its teaching me so many skills I will need when its my kitchen like boundaries and balancing my life.

    Take care

    All the best with your career and life in general

  2. I think you’re absolutely great! You have a fantastic website and reading the success stories of the young people you profile on your site is so encouraging.

    I agree with you on the importance of taking ownership of your own development path early on in one’s career. My biggest lesson in corporate so far has been that grown ups do not always have the answers to all our questions and as each year passes and i fall deeper and deeper into the ‘grown up’ zone I’m starting to realize that i don’t have all the answers to questions that young graduates ask me. I’ve never had a mentor, in the formal sense of the word. I’ve never believed i needed one but i have had people in the organization who have guided my thinking and helped shaped some of the decisions I’ve made. It’s the type of conversations that happen over coffee, the type of knowledge and insights that one could never acquire in a book. These have proved to be most valuable for me in my career.

    I’ve learnt to be direct and straight forward about what I want to accomplish in my role and what i need my direct line to help me with to get to the next level. I’ve also learnt to showcase and share the work that i do so other people in the organization can see the value that I add. In fact most of the roles that I’ve gotten have been because of people seeing the work I did in my previous teams.

    I think the corporate jungle is difficult to navigate as a young graduate because you’re used to an environment where your success is directly linked to the work you put in. If you do well in varsity you make it to the dean’s list, golden key and all the other committees for smart people. The only thing you need to focus on in varsity is your marks and you’ll succeed. In the corporate environment being successful at the given task is not sufficient; you need to be able to demonstrate your ability to influence, your ability to work well with others, your ability to articulate what you want and how you want other people to help you get that. Well at least this has been my experience

    PS: Take it from a colleague, you’re doing great.

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