Network 101 Sarah Mokoena on Becoming a Pro-networker

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From the moment we enter the work force, we are drilled with one very imperative term: ‘Network, network, network’! Reading phrases such as ‘your network determines your net worth’ becomes common place. However, networking is a skill that should be treated as a craft that one continuously harnesses; it requires a great deal of emotional intelligence and authenticity. We spoke to Sarah Mokoena, a true networker known within many corporate circles on what has made her a master networker.

Listen to the full audio below:


  1. You guys sound like you had fun recording this. Sarah really is a master networker. Everybody on the floor knows who she is and she’s always friendly. She definitely has the plug. If you want something from someone and you don’t know the person, Sarah is your plug.

  2. Sarah is an absolute gem, both in the work space and as a friend. She has a way with people and I think networking is only one of her very strong qualities. Great advice given in this podcast, thanks ladies…

  3. Wow. I thought I was master networker, but oh Sarah! you’re on another level. I’m so glad females have developed an interest to & realised the importance of networking especially “when & where” parts of it tend to benefit & boarden not only ones scope & understanding but the greater chain, it’s a ripple effect. Lovely words, true awesomeness.

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