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Meet Pauline Zwane. Talented, beautiful and ambitious, Pauline is one of the hardest workers we’ve come across in a while!  Although her principle business, MissQ Beauty – a beauty and lifestyle business which offers makeup artistry services along with mobile spa facilities – has gained exponential success, Pauline also works as a Celltone Skincare consultant, actress and lifestyle television host. Continue reading below and be inspired by this outstanding beauty mogul…

Full Name: Pauline Qondisile Zwane

Pauline Zwane Founder & CEO, MissQ Beauty
Pauline Zwane
Founder & CEO, MissQ Beauty

Age: 27

Current Title/Position: Health & Skincare Specialist, Actress, Professional Makeup Artist and Founder & CEO of MissQ Beauty Lounge []

Educational Background/Certifications: National Diploma in Health Skincare and International Beauty Specialist Diploma (ITEC)

Current City: Gauteng

Pauline, you are currently the Founder & CEO of Miss Q Beauty – a beauty and lifestyle business which offers various services such as facial analysis consultations, bridal makeup, prom makeup, television makeup as well as mobile spa facilities. Miss Q Beauty also specializes in the sale of premium hair extensions. Take us through the journey to finding your outstanding business?

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to talk about MissQ Beauty Lounge! Well the long and short of it is this has been my dream from a very young age. I started my career in the beauty industry at the age of 15 as an Estee Lauder Consultant and the rest is history. My passion went far beyond my talent so executing it was natural. I was that young lady in high school who knew exactly what she wanted to be. Whenever we’d have exhibitors I’d know exactly where to stand. With the support of my family, starting this business has been absolutely amazing and has opened many other doors & avenues for me.

What is probably most unique about Miss Q Beauty, is the Mobile Spa services in which your team of highly qualified beauty therapists offer services such as Manicures, Pedicures, Swedish & Hot Stone Therapy massages to clients at their own convenience or for events such as Baby Showers & Pamper Parties. Tell us more about the mobile spa service – what inspired you to start it?

While drawing up my business plan and doing research about the beauty industry I knew there was a demand for this concept. Strategically it only made sense to have this as part of my brand. It exceeded my expectations, however, we now work on even educational platforms such as workshops, makeup tutorials and health and skincare talks for women who have concerns. Convenience is EVERYTHING for women, most women appreciate this one-stop shop concept. At the end of the day my mission it to make sure that any woman that invests in the brand is not disappointed and that they look and feel good. We cater for women in all shapes and sizes, colour and even age.

You have been in the beauty industry for almost a decade and have established yourself as a formidable career woman, having started as a Counter Consultant for Estee Lauder and working up to where you are now. Would you say the secret to your success is the time, dedication and skills that you’ve acquired over the years or a natural flair for beauty?

Indeed I have! It’s been an absolutely blissful but also very challenging journey. One thing people must know is that like in any other industry – patience, perseverance and dedication goes a long way. Nothing ever happens overnight; so my secret is precisely that. The only way up is if you start from the bottom. I’ve managed spas, worked on counters and did actual [beauty] therapy. That’s not the “ideal” job for many people however it needs to be done. Together with the natural flair for beauty ofcourse! Cosmetics is like candy for me, I remember cleaning my mom’s house wearing lip-stick from a very young age, if that didn’t scream natural flair for beauty then I don’t know what does laughs!

What is hardest about breaking through the Beauty industry and what do you believe the South African Beauty industry needs?

The Beauty industry is highly competitive and saturated. To be honest it’s even lost substances in many forms. That is definitely one of the hardest lessons. What’s interesting about it, is that it’s got different alleys, so you don’t just need to be the “typical” beauty specialist. South Africa lacks creativity in the beauty industry. We all merely look at YouTube tutorials or international standards where we could be creating or setting our own standards of beauty. I travel to Europe once a year and each time I go, it’s a constant reminder of how much we can do. We have the brains for it and to think of it they actually recruit a lot of Africans to bring on creativity or to sell cosmetics abroad. We need to start being more creative and all these reputable and big cosmetics companies should seriously start giving better platforms and opportunities.

Some of your most notable qualifications include obtaining a Beauty Specialist qualification, as well as an International (ITEC) qualification in Health & Skincare. What skincare advice would you give the busy Millennial woman juggling her image and her career?

Your image and skin can make or break you. The skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs to be taken care of. Always nourish and feed your skin with the necessary nutrients. Shea Butter and Argon Oil are excellent for your skin and serve as excellent hydrating agents. Use a three-step regime,  preferably organic which includes; a cleanser- to remove all free radicals, dirt/grime on the skin surface, a toner- to balance out your skin to atleast a PH of 5.5, a moisturizer- preferably with an SPF to nourish and hydrate your skin whilst protecting you from UV damage. If you’re age conscious; use products which will aid in the production of collagen and elastin also in the regeneration of new skin cells. For your hair Avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil for the growth of your hair. For your weaves, Argon oil works wonders! A clean makeup look screams professional. Always look like yourself or rather be the most beautiful version of you. Every single woman on the planet has that, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

What qualities or attributes would you say are most required for women trying to establish themselves as businesswomen in the Beauty industry?

Confidence, patience, perseverance!

As the Founder & CEO of Miss Q Beauty, what obstacles have you faced and how have you overcome them?

I’ve faced many obstacles – for me, however, they were lessons. All obstacles made me the person I am today. I overcome them by learning from them and bettering myself from a business and a personal perspective in dealing people, finance and juggling all the work I do whilst running a business.

Take us through what a typical work day looks like for you?

Well our website is an interactive website, all thanks to technology and smart phones I am well aware of what’s happening and all my customer’s enquiries or requests. I also consult and work for Celltone Skincare.  I help with their training, Press release events, events and commercials. I’ve also just ventured into acting so some evenings I am shooting. I star in the first ever mainstream African super hero show called Jongo as ‘Maya’. That airs every Tuesday on Etv @ 8:30pm. It plays on BET and Ebonylife for the viewers all across Africa. I also had my very own Beauty and Lifestyle Show called Picture Perfect on Gautv- DStv Channel 265. I also then take bookings for bridal makeup,  that normally keeps my Saturday mornings busy.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesswomen?

Always be yourself and have faith; the industry will test you – however if you have a vision, then go out of your way to make it a reality. Because it’s so competitive, always make sure you do plenty of research. It’s fast-paced, it’s trendy and a lot can change in the blink of an eye. Always stay motivated no matter what the circumstances.



Morning or night?  Night

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and what would you order?

Khanyi Dhlomo & Bassie Khumalo (I have a serious “when I grow up moment” when it comes to them). I probably wouldn’t order. I’d just listen to all their advice and wisdom.

I wish I knew how to…Dance!

South Africa is… A beautiful country with all the right resources, just under the wrong government.

Worst money mistake… My shoes…. I seriously could get cheaper ones lol!

Best investment…  At the moment, I love my cars! Just paid off one and got another.

Motivation in 3 words… Consistency, Ambition, Hard work!




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