Unique Ways I Invest Money By: Zimasa Mabuse

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I would like to believe that I am quite good with my money, and thankfully, due to the myriad of easy yet dynamic methods of saving and investing that have been introduced in recent years – options, information and tools on how to invest your money while young (or ignorant) have served to ensure that we are all given an opportunity to be wise with our finances and spending. If you find yourself in the fortunate position of possessing a SATRIX, Unit Trust, Retirement Annuity and a few savings accounts, a few other methods of investing and being smart with your money may come in the below forms….

Purchase Foreign Currency

With the ever-fluctuating South African economy, purchasing foreign currency when conditions are fairly stable and saving it in a Foreign currency account accordingly is a brilliant way of having additional savings that are continuously growing, and functions as a great mechanism for diversifying your portfolio and ultimately building wealth. A number of South Africa’s major banks have started offering foreign account options at an affordable rate for this purpose. It is important to note that purchasing and saving foreign currency is different to investing offshore – which is known to be a pricier method of investing. When you purchase foreign currency, you are provided the opportunity to hold various currencies other than the Rand (such as the US Dollar and Great Britain Pound), and hedge your position against currency fluctuations without having to manage your funds offshore.


Not an option that you thought could build wealth right? Well, executed correctly, frequent donations via debit order that go towards a registered Non-Profit Organization or charity is a wonderful way of not only giving back to the community, but building wealth too. You see, when you sign up or register a debit order to give monthly donations towards a registered and reputable NPO, the said NPO issues you with a Tax Certificate on an annual basis just before Tax Season opens. Upon receipt of this Tax Certificate, you are then able to file this via the South African e-filing system (or send your tax documents to a Tax practitioner if it suits you [ I personally submit mine to a fantastic practitioner who charges a very affordable rate (!) and who provides a wonderful service year after year] which ultimately aids in increasing your tax payout. Use your payout to invest or save further – placing it in an emergency account is a smart way of making use of this extra money.

Attend Auctions

Auctions are no longer associated with the rich, and have in recent years become great ways of educating yourself on valuable collectors’ items and assets. One need not necessarily attend an auction for the purposes of purchasing goods, but may in fact attend to learn about other goods and assets that are more valuable than they thought – artwork, coins, and even collectors’ edition wine being a few. Use this knowledge to then open up your world to other options of investing which you didn’t know existed!

Re-invest in your side hustle

The side hustle has almost become an absolute must, offering a means of making extra income over and above your 9 – 5. The adage, “Invest in yourself over and above investing in your day job”, has gained increasing popularity for a reason: self-investment certainly pays off! Therefore, with each sale and service rendered, ensure that you take the said amount and either place it in savings that you cannot touch, invest it in some of the known vehicles listed in the introduction or even utilize the money to improve your service or product. You will never regret focusing on your business and talents.

Although saving and investing can be a little harder than what it’s made out to be, it certainly shouldn’t be boring and fruitless. In these uncertain economic times, I truly urge you to keep abreast of various investing trends and tools and to endeavour to use your money wisely.

Do you have any other unique methods of saving and investing your money? Share them with us via commenting below, sending us a mail via the get-in-touch page or commenting on our social media platforms!

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  1. If we are talking investing then I would have include investing in yourself through books, audios and seminars that aid in you becoming a better version of you. Unique I would say…

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