The Curse of Corporate An honest account on how to deal with workplace victimization by our Editor

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In my second year of working for a large corporate, I experienced victimisation which affected my self esteem for a long period thereafter. As difficult as it was to record this podcast, I do hope that it helps anybody who believes they are alone in experiencing any form of harassment or victimisation in their work environment. Please don’t hesitate to comment below or email/DM should you wish to share any of your personal experiences.

Zimasa | Editor of The Corporate Canvas


  1. Hey Zimasa, very honest piece.

    Thanks for sharing, i think a lot of young people who encounter difficult or challenging leaders will benefit from some of the things you touched on in this recording

  2. I wish I has listened to this before I started working at went through the same experience and it got to the point of where I dreaded going to work.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Zim. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed this podcast.

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