The Curse of Corporate An honest account on how to deal with workplace victimization by our Editor

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In my second year of working for a large corporate, I experienced victimisation which affected my self esteem for a long period thereafter. As difficult as it was to record this podcast, I do hope that it helps anybody who believes they are alone in experiencing any form of harassment or victimisation in their work environment. Please don’t hesitate to comment below or email/DM should you wish to share any of your personal experiences.

Zimasa | Editor of The Corporate Canvas


  1. Hey Zimasa, very honest piece.

    Thanks for sharing, i think a lot of young people who encounter difficult or challenging leaders will benefit from some of the things you touched on in this recording

    • Hi D!
      Thank you very much listening and for the kind words. I truly do hope that the podcast helps others who are going through what I did.

  2. I wish I has listened to this before I started working at went through the same experience and it got to the point of where I dreaded going to work.

    • Hi Bombeleni
      The beautiful thing about going through awful experiences is that it helps you gain wisdom and empathy – and I believe it is then one’s duty to share the lessons they have learned and guide others through their tough journey.
      This was one dreadful experience for me, but it made me stronger and softer at the same: I am more empathetic and I now definitely know what type of boss I want to be one day.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Zim. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed this podcast.

    • It is such a pleasure Tsatsi. I am so glad you enjoyed it as it certainly wasn’t easy sharing this experience – but I am glad I could help in some small way

  4. Wow Zimasa, thank you for this. I just realized that I have carried an experience that happened in my graduate programme throughout my whole career. It caused so much paranoia and such a knock on my confidence.

    • Hi Zesuliwe
      I am so happy you found value in this podcast. I think we go through so much in these corporates, believing that we are alone in our pain and sadly we believe the pain we go through doesn’t warrant being reported or speaking about. I will certainly share more of what I have gone through and witnessed in corporate next year so please remain a loyal reader!

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