Feel Good ZA Thembani Biyam on the importance of travel amongst young black adults

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Travel is having its moment. With blogs, Instagram & Facebook pages solely dedicated to travel, and travel agencies creating packages geared directly towards young adults, the importance of travel simply cannot be overlooked and planning your next trip seems to be the new ambition. A pivotal question then arises: while travel may be an invaluable experiences that can open many windows of opportunity, how do we make travel accessible to the young professional – taking into account a legacy of being taught to simply work hard and invest solely in education?

We spoke to Thembani Biyam, co-founder of Feel Good ZA – a group dedicated to creating affordable group tours to various destinations on an annual basis – about the importance of black adults seeing travel as an investment as opposed to an expense, as well as methods of making travel more accessible.

Listen to the full audio below:

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