The Art of Investing A Conversation with The-Creative Anelisa Mangcu

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Why has nobody informed the young professional about the amazing long-term prospects of investing in artwork? Residents of larger South African cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are consistently privileged enough to witness prestigious art fairs take place, but how many attend these fairs for investing purposes?

We spoke to the formidable Anelisa Mangcu – a fine art photographer, writer, marketing specialist and curator (who is soon to embark on a Masters in Curatorial Management in Florence, Italy!) about the importance of investing in art pieces and sculptures, as well as what informs the value of an art piece.
Due to the length of the podcast, we have provided a time break down of the most pivotal questions.
3:42 min – What made you take the leap of faith and follow your dreams at such a young age?
9:46 min – Taking into account that black people were traditionally limited in choosing their career path, how did your parents react towards you taking the Arts seriously as a career?
14:06 min – How have you sustained your career in the Arts?
18:53 min – Although we have instruments such as the SATRIX, ETFs, etc can you tell us more about investing in Art and building wealth from it?
26:26 min – How can the young professional, with a limited budget, start investing in art work?
31:07 min – With art fairs taking place around the city, what should I look out for and pick out taking into account budget constraints?
33:57 min- Tell us about the Aspire Auction?
37:40 min – A brief summary of how to become an art buyer & investor
39:10 min – Give us 3 points people should consider when commencing the art investment process
45:15 min – Do you have any plans for making art available to the youth?
51:27 min – Conclusion



  1. Hi Zimasa,
    I’d like to point you in the direction of a young analytical chemist currently pursuing her PhD at wits and has managed to setup two businesses as a result of her coursework research. I believe she meets the profile to be featured in your magazine and has won multiple scientific research awards and extraction innovations.

    Charlene Makita is her name.

    • Hi Simon!
      Thank you so much for letting me know! Could you perhaps send me an email at or and give me further insight into her businesses, I shall take it further from there and contact Charlene myself thereafter.
      Thank you so much for the suggestion and please may you always let us know when there is certain content or topics you wish for us to include on TCC.
      Kind Regards

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