Making a Successful Career Change A Conversation with Bandile Mabuse

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Bandile Mabuse is a Wits University Law graduate who has made a success of himself in the wealth and finance industry despite having studied a Bachelor of Laws degree. He was awarded a Top 10 FNB Banker for high profitability & sales acquisition, as well as ranked a #2 Banker for obtaining the highest revenue and client retention. This podcast is excellent inspiration for anyone feeling stifled by their current career or qualifications.

Listen to the full audio below:


  1. On thing Bandile mentioned that I’ll probably make my motto is “make it easy for yourself”.
    Very inspiring. Thank you.

    • Thank you for comment Sizo and we are so glad that you enjoyed Bandile’s podcast. This is certainly not the last time that he will be sharing all of his wisdom. Stay tuned!

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