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At TCC, we believe that life is not only about attaining personal success, but also about giving back to the community-at-large, and making an impact in others’ lives. It is imperative that on our journey towards attaining financial or personal success, that we ever so often stop to see how privileged we are to embark such a journey, remembering that many have never been afforded the access to knowledge that empowers our perceived accomplishments. A number of readers have expressed the desire to donate to various charities or volunteer in some form or other. Thus, going forward we shall be sharing information on charities or foundations that you may volunteer your services, gifts and talents towards. First off, we introduce you to Bosele Foundation below…


Bosele Foundation is an education trust founded in 2014 which aims to benefit under-privileged children in resource-scarce communities by providing them with a bursary to fund their formal high school education.

Bosele Foundation not only offers financial support to its beneficiaries, allowing them access into the top schools and universities in the country, but also offers its beneficiaries exposure to professional, social, mentorship and leadership development opportunities otherwise denied to them because of their underprivileged backgrounds.

Following a selection process, managed and implemented by the Bosele Foundation in consultation with the relevant school, Bosele selects grade seven learners, from low-income communities in South Africa, who display potential for academic excellence and inclination towards leadership and social development.

Bosele Foundation recognises that a holistic education comprises lessons from both inside and outside of the classroom and through the Bosele Scholar Ignition Program (BSIP), they ensure that scholars are equipped with appropriate academic, emotional and psychological support structures including personal mentorship and life skills training to develop into high impact, socially conscious and ethical individuals who are well equipped to take an active role in their respective communities.


The Bosele team comprises of young, black professionals each with a diverse background and set of skills including accountants, actuaries, doctors, lawyers, teachers and business people all committed to advancing quality education to and social development across Africa.


For more information about Bosele or to contribute to a child’s education by donating as little as R200 today please visit


Bank Name: Nedbank Branch: Sandown Account Holder: Bosele Foundation Trust Account Number: 1066 665 087

Type: Current Account

Branch Code: 193305

A special thank you to Puso Thahane and the Bosele Foundation Team for providing the above information regarding this phenomenal initiative.

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