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Beauty on TApp should be every girl’s best friend. What other friend will tell you where to get your hair done, who can braid you at home and who can do your make up for  an event or even your wedding? Beauty on TApp sure can!


They say innovation comes from someone’s struggle. However, an idea is just a thought until plans are put in place to bring that idea to life. Mathebe Molise’s (co-founder and CEO) idea for Beauty on TApp came to her when she struggled to find a make-up artist for her friend’s wedding, which would take place in Cape Town. Being unfamiliar with beauticians in Cape Town, Mathebe thought of how nice and convenient it would be to have a tool that one could use where they select a beauty service required – be it nails, braids or make-up artists  – and a list of potential beauty technicians in your area would pop up. Add to that a list of rated beauty service providers with a proven track record who guarantee good service and we’ve got a winner for every woman. This is how Beauty on TApp was born!

Beauty on TApp was launched in September 2015. The app gives users the ability to find beauty services and products in any area of their choice. The app contains a number of beauty service categories and image3product categories that cater to every woman’s needs. Beauty on TApp has taken advantage of a gap in the market, where small beauty businesses are not given any platform to market their services or products. Small beauty businesses have had to rely on Facebook and Instagram to market their businesses, however, their marketing is limited to their followers. On the flip side, women have had to rely on asking friends where they did their hair or where they do their nails especially when they have been disappointed by their usual spot, or even when they just want to try something new. This problem is exacerbated when women have to visit a city they are unfamiliar with and need a quick nail or hair fix. Beauty on TApp is the answer to all these problems. The app caters for both beauty technicians and users’ needs by providing them with an easy to use tool to market their business or find their next hair stylist.

The app gives beauty technicians visibility to app users by opening image1them up to a wider client base. The rating and feedback system helps beauty service providers continuously improve their business, as feedback is given by clients in a quick and easy way. Supplier profiles include price ranges, their rating, pictures of the work they’ve done and the various beauty services provided by that specific beauty technician. The app also gives users the ability to open suppliers’ social media profiles on the app to get more insight into the suppliers’ business.

The natural hair movement has been a trend that has not been missed on the app. The app has seen quite a few registrations from independent natural hair product manufacturers who have realised that the app would give their business visibility. Women who have joined the natural hair movement use the app to find the perfect hair product to nurture their locks. As the app grows, businesses on the app will be exposed to a larger audience. The app will also give the businesses exposure to tourists seeking beauty services while visiting South Africa. Registration on the app is currently free, as the Beauty on TApp team would like to ensure that  they are creating value for registered businesses before charging any fees. All South African and African beauty businesses are welcome to register on the app. The app has categories such as make-up artists, nails, hair, lash extensions and eyebrow threading. On the products category the app has categories such as hair extensions, hair products, skin products and nail products and accessories.  The app is also integrated with Uber to ensure that users get to their desired beauty bar without any issues.

Beauty on TApp will be launching an online store in September 2016, where products that are listed on the app will be sold in the Beauty on TApp store. This offers an all inclusive beauty experience for app users who want to buy products listed on the app. Details about ShopBeautyonTApp will be revealed over the next few months.

For more information about the app or to register your business please visit The app is available on the Apple, Google and Windows app stores.

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